5 Inspiring Ideas for Building Your Custom Work From Home Office

Between 2019 and 2021, the percentage of people working from home increased 3 times from roughly 9 million people to around 27.6 million people according to a survey released by the United States Census Bureau. It’s safe to say that with so many folks working from home, homeowners are looking for homes with a comfortable space to use as a home office.

Here are 5 of our most inspiring ideas for building a customized workspace.

5 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Custom New Construction Home

Planning a custom home design is a ton of work but you’ll have the end goal of living in an impeccably customized home somewhat soon. But looking even further down the road when designing your new construction home can help you earn a better return on your investment in the future.

Here are 5 must-have upgrades for your customized new construction home.

How to Design Your Luxury Master Closet

Master Closets come in all shapes and sizes, from walk-in closets with simple hangers to double master closets to closets with custom cabinetry. But not all closets are created equal. What would you include in your dream closet?

Read to the end to learn 3 of our best tips for designing your dream master closet for your remodel or new construction home.

5 Creative Ideas for Your Luxury Dining Room Remodel

While some families prefer to dine at their kitchen island or a breakfast nook, the formal dining room is alive and well with today’s homebuyers. Not the antiquated, stuffy spaces of yesteryear, today’s formal dining rooms are now open, light, and airy spaces which promote fellowship and show guests how important quality time spent with loved ones is to your family.

Here are 5 creative ideas for your luxury dining room remodel or custom new construction build.

To Build or Not to Build? 5 Things to Consider When Planning a Custom, New Construction Home in 2022 

With the price of materials on the rise and inflation hitting hard, many future homebuyers are wondering whether buying a home or building a new, custom home is their best option.

With an uncertain supply chain of building supplies, rising costs, inflation, and a competitive housing market, which way is the best way to go?

Here are 5 things to consider when deciding if building a new construction home in 2022 is right for you.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Upgrades for your Custom Home

Most homeowners prepare and cook at least two meals a day at home. That’s a great deal of time spent in the home’s galley. In fact, Americans spend approximately 37 minutes a day in the kitchen which really adds up…to about 15 weeks a year!  Our customers love that we can help make their custom […]

5 Brilliant Ideas for your Utility Room Makeover

We spend a lot of our time doing chores and laundry is a huge part of that. In the Victorian Era laundry was an all-day affair and was nicknamed “Blue Monday”. While laundry day is still often an all-day event there are ways to simplify it to make it less painful.

Here are 5 brilliant home design hacks to make your Utility Room work for you.