Most homeowners prepare and cook at least two meals a day at home. That’s a great deal of time spent in the home’s galley. In fact, Americans spend approximately 37 minutes a day in the kitchen which really adds up…to about 15 weeks a year!  Our customers love that we can help make their custom home’s kitchen a beautiful and efficient place to spend that time.
A wonderfully designed kitchen will also have the perfect flow and will be functional as well. 

Here are 5 must-have kitchen upgrades for your customized home that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your home’s kitchen.

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  1. A Double Island  

Most modern homes will come standard with an island these days but every homeowner loves a double-island. These kitchen must-haves provide extra counter space and a gathering area in their home’s cooking space. How you’ll use this extra square footage is completely up to you but we can help you customize this space so that it works just how you imagine it will in your mind. You can opt to add a sink to this space, incorporate under cabinet storage, position your stovetop range in this space, or even add a pot rack over the island for additional storage. Your designer can help you iron out the details in your floor plan so you can have a double-island that you’ll love in your custom kitchen.

Our “Infinity” plan has a wonderful walk-in pantry. All of our plans can be customized to fit your needs or we can help you design something completely unique to fit your needs.

2. A Deep, Walk-in Pantry

Modern homebuyers look for an oversized walk-in pantry. Homebuyers love the freedom of stocking their pantries from bulk shops without worrying about lacking the storage to store their surplus. With a large pantry, gone are the days of trying to stuff those extra boxes in places where they don’t make sense. A pantry can alleviate many shopping woes by providing additional cabinet space or shelving and also provide extra valuable counter space that can be used while cooking, baking, cleaning, or organizing in the kitchen.

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3. Extra Counter Space 

Extra counter space can really help make your kitchen feel more useful and less stressful. Expanding your counterspace can make the difference, especially if you have multiple appliances that you use regularly and like to leave out. Extra counter space can mean that you’ll have plenty of room to chop and prepare ingredients for your meals and can also allow wiggle room if other members of the family need to grab a quick bite on the go while you are working in the kitchen. It can also be helpful when you have young ones in the kitchen assisting. “Extra counter space” are the magic words when it comes to the perfect kitchen. A great custom home designer can help you plan the perfect kitchen with the most space for counters.

4. Central Location 

We must say that we love a kitchen that has great flow. A kitchen that is equidistant from the living room and the dining room like in our Infinity plan can do a lot to improve life at home. A centrally located kitchen can mean that whoever is tasked with the chore of cooking doesn’t have to be isolated from the rest of the home. This is especially helpful when hosting guests. With a kitchen that’s thoughtfully nestled in the home, the cook won’t feel banished and the guests won’t feel awkward about stretching out and getting comfortable because they’ll be a stone’s throw from the kitchen without getting in the way.

5. An Extra Sink and Refrigerator 

Anyone who has hosted a large gathering or a large meal will immediately know the value of having an extra sink and an extra refrigerator. An extra sink is great for when the sink is already full of dishes and you need to grab a cup of water to get the rice started. An extra sink is also spot to wet your sponge for a quick wipe down of spills in the kitchen or pantry space.

An extra refrigerator is helpful as well. A refrigerator fills ups quickly and when you are feeding a large group or making several dishes at once, it’s easy to load the fridge with ingredients for the holiday meal leaving no room to store the things you need to prepare dishes for the rest of the week. With just one fridge it becomes challenging to find a place to chill large trays of deviled eggs, cakes, or large bowls of salads amongst the rest of your shopping. Adding an extra fridge can reduce some of this stress and pressure to make everything fit. Your extra fridge can be a standard fridge or you can choose to add a deep freezer, depending on your needs. Your designer can help you find the best location in your custom built kitchen for an extra fridge or second sink.

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