Most rooms in a house have a clear and delineated function and their form follows naturally around the constraints of their purpose. But what about those housing plans with Bonus Rooms? There are so many possibilities on how to use this amazing additional square footage. 

Don’t let that space go to waste! Our customers love that we can help them transform that extra square footage so that it caters to their specific needs and lifestyle. 

Here are 5 creative Bonus Room ideas that are sure to inspire.

Make it a Movie Night

Director Quentin Tarantino socializes with his friends by inviting them over to view films. If you are a movie buff too you can consider converting your Bonus room (also sometimes referred to as a “Flex room”) into a media room or a home theater area. We can customize this space to become your perfect movie room by limiting the amount of windows in the floor plan so you’ll have a dark room for viewing movies the way they are intended to be watched. We can also add counter space to the floor plan so you have an area to pop popcorn. Built-in shelving can be added to your plan as well for a fantastic storage option for your prized video collection!

Add a Thoughtful Sink and Bar for Entertaining (or Hiding Away)

Adding a sink and a bar for entertaining can be a great way to retreat from the rest of the house without needing to trudge back to reality when you need a glass of water or a cocktail. Relax in style by adding a wet bar to your custom Flex room floor plan.

A well-planned and stocked Bonus room can become a place to hide away from the world so you can finish that novel or project you’ve always wanted to complete. Make your Flex room a place with no distractions that contains everything you need to stay in the zone.

Tip: Lots of natural light in a space like this can inspire vigor and productivity.

Walk-in Closet for Clever Storage 

Your Flex room can easily be used as a craft, sewing or hobby room. Add some clever storage like a walk-in closet or two large closets. This will help keep your hobbies from overwhelming you and you’ll know exactly where everything is that you’ll need to complete your project! 

Adjacent Powder Room

Your custom Bonus room can also make the ideal oversized office space. You can customize this space to include an en suite bathroom but most often we see our clients add bathrooms adjacent to the Bonus Room which maximizes the square footage of the space and allows the bathroom to serve other functions when the Bonus room is not in use. Adding a bathroom near your Bonus room will help maximize productivity and keep you from wandering around the rest of the house.

Tip: Help yourself relax by designing your custom home so that your second story Flex Room opens to a showstopping room down below on the first floor. Give yourself peace of mind by being able to look down below and see who is coming up the stairs or entering the front door.

Other Ideas

Use this space as a library, study, or sitting room. Use the space as a special room to open gifts on Christmas morning. You can even use this area as the perfect home gym, yoga room or game room. The possibilities are endless!

How will you use your Flex or Bonus Room?

SWP Custom Homes can help you design your dream home and bring it to life. 

SWP Custom Homes will also provide a licensed interior designer who will closely collaborate with you to help you make selections for all the details of your new home. You will be assisted with flooring, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, cabinets, and more! 

Check out our available floor plans today or contact us to make plans to build your perfect home and we’ll be there every step of the way!