Planning a custom home design is a ton of work but you’ll have the end goal of living in an impeccably customized home somewhat soon. But looking even further down the road when designing your new construction home can help you earn a better return on your investment in the future.

Build your home thoughtfully and with high-quality materials that are made to last. When it’s time to sell your home down the line (whether it be to downsize, move into a home where you can age in place, or relocate) you’ll be thankful that you planned ahead and chose materials and a layout that focuses on adding value to your home’s design. 

Here are 5 must-have upgrades for your customized new construction home. 


Wood floors are typically made from high-quality and durable wood. A properly maintained wood floor can last 20-30 years before needing to be refinished and even then you have options to restore the wood to its former glory. Wood floors add immediate value to a home and they hold their value relatively well. Making the entire first-floor hardwood right off the bat can save you the headache of attempting to match wood should you choose to install it at a later time. 


If you’re installing tile in your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your master bathroom to include radiant floor heating. In-floor heating requires existing tilework be dug up so consider adding radiant floor heating in your design for your new construction so you install them both at the same time. Radiant floor heating will add value to your home, it’ll also add a layer of luxury, warmth, and comfort. 

You can also add a towel warmer to your design. Consider working a towel warmer to your plan before construction so your builder and designer can work together to make sure you have the appropriate electrical accommodations for this amazing luxury addition. 

If you live in colder climates, builders are even able to install heated driveways to help snow melt faster. 


If you are trying to decide where to dedicate your budget for impressive tilework, be sure to tile the master bathroom first as this will hold the most value. 

Going with standard tiling options in other bathrooms and powder rooms is fine, but be sure not to skimp when it comes to an impressive master bathroom. 

Powder rooms don’t sell homes but a show-stopping master bathroom can really make the difference when it comes to re-selling your home. 


We suggest paying for roughed-in plumbing. This means that you’ll have space and access to waste and supply lines if you intend to remodel in the future. If you’re considering a future partial or total remodel, roughed-in plumbing is a great solution and will save you the headache of needing to break up and re-pour concrete to run lines in the future. 


An oversized garage is a great investment and, like having a fantastic porch, can be a real make-or-break factor when it comes to closing a deal and selling your home in the future. Ask your home designer if there is room in your floor plan to increase the square footage of your garage space. If it’s not possible to include an additional parking bay, check to see if a tandem garage or tandem workspace may be possible. You can also add a valuable storage loft or office above your parking garage. 


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