Between 2019 and 2021, the percentage of people working from home increased 3 times from roughly 9 million people to around 27.6 million people according to a survey released by the United States Census Bureau. It’s safe to say that with so many folks working from home, homeowners are looking for homes with a comfortable space to use as a home office. 

Here are 5 of our most inspiring ideas for building a customized workspace.

  1. Terrific Storage Solutions

Even at a traditional business office, there are storage closets to contain those items that take up space but aren’t used daily. Incorporate storage solutions into your home office. This may mean a simple, standard-sized closet but we are seeing a trend with our clients who prefer a walk-in closet with custom shelving. 

Another option here is a buffet or a bookshelf for displaying awards, books, family photographs, or other trade or profession-related models or accessories. 

Raised studies are also trending this year as a favorite for homebuyers. As a busy professional and homeowner, you’ll spend a lot of time in your office. Make sure that there is plenty of storage so your space won’t end up cluttered and create frustration. 

2. A Fantastic View with Great Natural Light

Working from home can be lonely so you’ll want to make sure that you’re allowing plenty of radiant, natural lighting into your space. Natural light helps boost mood and it makes a room look more inviting and pretty. When designing your floor plan, choose a location in the home that receives ample natural light for your home office. A large window or two is ideal here. A great view also goes a long way.

Some of our clients add a private porch or sitting area that attaches to their office so they’ll have a designated, distraction-free space to take a break and get some fresh air during work hours. 

3. A Soundproof and Private Environment

Working from home on the weekends when the kids and the rest of the family are home can present new challenges for the professional working from home. When designing the floor plan, include a hall for privacy or situate your home office in an area of the home that will receive less foot traffic. This creates a layer of peace and isolation which will increase productivity and limit distractions.

Adding soundproofing such as natural oak acoustic panels on a few walls of your home office will help it look great and prevent sound from leaking in or out. This is especially helpful for professionals who deal with sensitive information. 

4. A Short Trip to the Bathroom and Shower Facilities

When creating the blueprint for your home office, consider its proximity to a bathroom. Some of our clients prefer to include a half bathroom or a bathroom with a shower in the office suite. 

A quick shower during the workday can help clear the mind to begin a new task or continue a frustrating one. Having access to the bathroom is important for remaining on-task and limiting household distractions during the day. An en-suite bathroom will help ensure a productive environment for working from home. 

5. A Room with Plenty of Outlets

When designing your home office, consider where your desk will be positioned. This is helpful so that building professionals can install in-floor outlets to help keep wires out of the way. 

Consider how many outlets you’ll need in the office. If you’re including a mini-fridge in your space, make sure you have enough outlets to accommodate that. You’ll also want outlets for your printer, phone and tablet chargers, lamps, pencil sharpener, entertainment system, and any other electronics that you’ll want to bring into your home office space.


SWP Custom Homes will provide a licensed interior designer who will closely collaborate with you to help you make selections for all the details of your new home. You will be assisted with flooring, countertops, lighting, paint colors, cabinets, and more! 

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