If you are ready to begin constructing a new home, you may be ready to start considering where you’ll want to build your beautiful new construction home. There are, of course, endless possibilities to where you can build your new home, but have you ever wondered what living in a gated community might be like?

Here are 5 benefits of building your custom home in a gated community. 


Living in a gated community provides extra safety and security. In a gated community, you could live in the heart of a busy city and still not have to worry about burglary, theft, vandalism, or drive-bys. You can live in the part of the city that you prefer and not have to worry as much about the crime rates because your neighborhood will be gated, and thus more secluded and harder to access. Many gated communities are manned by security guards who will keep tabs on who is entering the area. Other benefits here include security cameras or electronic security. 


Living in a gated community allows more privacy. You won’t have to worry about someone casing your home or parking across the street to try to peep into windows. Your home will be on a street away from trespassers, interlopers, and intruders. A gated community is an ideal living situation for celebrities or public figures. 


In a gated community, you won’t have to worry about noisy traffic or drivers turning around in your driveway. Less traffic your children are free to play in the front yard. A gated community makes it so you won’t have speeding cars buzzing around near your property. 


A gated community keeps solicitors and unwelcome guests away from your front door. You’ll no longer be concerned with hiding in your own home to avoid salespeople, campaigners, or religious groups and you won’t have to deal with brochures or take-out menus tucked into your screen door when you arrive home from work. You also won’t have to worry about drop-in visitors or people who were “just in the neighborhood” coming to visit. 


When building a custom home in a gated community, many of the occupants have also recently built their homes and this gives an automatic sense of camaraderie and makes it so that you already have common ground, so to speak. Many communities will also plan community event nights so that you may get to know your neighbors better. 

There are so many benefits to living in a gated community. What are some of the things that attract you to living in a gated community? 

At SWP Custom Homes, we are personally invested in our community of Godley, Texas; it’s where we live, raise our families and work. Contact us today and let us help you build your dream home whether it’s in a gated community, in one of our subdivisions, or on your own lot.