Your bathroom should inspire luxury and privacy, and be a place where you can escape from the troubles of the day. 

Whether your housing plan is dated and you’re ready for a fresh remodel that will make your space more functional, or you’re just finally ready to create the master bathroom you’ve always dreamed about, there are many options to make the most out of your space. 

Here are four must-haves for a gorgeous master bathroom that you won’t want to leave.


  1. A Separate Vanity Area

Let’s start with the vanity area. There is nothing worse than sharing sinks. Trying to brush your teeth at the same time that your partner is fixing their hair is truly frustrating. Separate sinks have been a longstanding tradition in master bathrooms but imagine if you didn’t have to draw an imaginary line between your toothbrush and your partner’s hairspray. Separate vanities are a must-have for today’s homeowner. They help your partner stick to their own space and offer more options for under cabinet drawers as well as help segment the bathroom into “Mine” and “Yours”.

Our Kimber Plan is a great example of a Master Bathroom Plan with separate vanity areas.

3. A Separate Room for the Toilet

A room just for the toilet can help separate the dirty business from the rest of the bathroom, helping maintain the space’s spa-like atmosphere. A separate room for the toilet helps keep the commode hidden away and allows even more privacy from the rest of the house. I love tucked away sliding doors for a smaller plan but a full sized door is an option here as well.

2. A Stand-Alone Tub for Soaking

A standalone tub is also a must for today’s homeowner. A shower is a necessity but a long soak should be a treat and an escape from anything resembling a chore. A tub promotes self-care and is a great way to slip away from the troubles of your day and loosen stiff neck and back muscles. Plus we think a tub for soaking looks elegant and is a gorgeous focal point for a stunning master bathroom!


4. Connect your Master Bathroom to your Master Closet and Utility Room

Modern floorplans are all about efficiency. Build your master bathroom to connect to your master closet to make getting ready in the morning a breeze. For a new construction or if your floor plan allows it, connect your master closet to a utility room. This will make both getting ready in the morning and laundry service seamless.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to create the master bathroom you’ve always wanted. Contact SWP Custom Homes today and we will help you plan your remodel or build the unique and quality home of your dreams.