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SWP Custom Homes business model is built on quality over quantity

SWP Custom Homes business model is built on quality over quantity. We never want our clients to feel like just another number. Our attention to detail and focus on the lost art of craftsmanship make us unique. We understand that it is not how many homes you build but how well you build each home. We are careful to not take on too many projects so that every home is built to the high standards our clients expect and deserve.


SWP Custom Homes has worked hard to ensure that the foundation of our business is built on an outstanding reputation in the building industry.
One of our primary goals is to build long-lasting relationships and grow the SWP family of homeowners. These relationships have led to multiple home builds for return customers as well as their family and friends. We believe
a great reputation and long-lasting relationships are the best form
of marketing.


SWP Custom Homes believes communication is key in all successful business and personal relationships. We understand that the home building process can be stressful. Our commitment to high level communication helps to minimize this stress. We are always available
for a phone call, email, or office visit. We strive to keep an open line
of communication throughout the building process.

“Real craftsmanship reflects real caring, and real caring reflects our attitude about ourselves, about our fellowmen, and about life.”

– S. Kimball

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Finished Homes

First to Market

SWP Custom Homes is the perfect blend of the old and new. We have combined our half of a century of experience in the home building and land development industry with a commitment to technology. Using our industry leading construction management and specification building software, we improve the homebuyer’s experience. Our combined wisdom and increased efficiency are the driving force with how we move our clients from first meeting to construction without extended wait times.

Realistic Bids

SWP Custom Homes uses the fixed cost method of pricing. We take the time upfront to understand everything you want and expect in your new home. This method sets a realistic budget for your home and minimizes additional extras and change orders. We provide step-by-step assistance throughout all phases of the home building process. We are involved before, during and after your new home is complete. We are committed to providing all the information needed so our clients can make informed decisions throughout the home building process.

Interior Design

SWP Custom Homes will provide a licensed interior designer who will closely collaborate with you to help you make selections for all the details of your new home. You will be assisted with flooring, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, cabinets, and more!