The right ceiling type can set the tone for a room and sometimes even for your entire home. Loftier ceilings can make a home feel grand or regal while a traditional flat ceiling can make your room feel loftier or cozier depending on its height. 

Here are a few of our favorite ceiling choices to consider when renovating or building your new home: 

1. Groin Ceiling 

One of the lesser known ceiling types is the groin ceiling (Also known as a groin vault or double barrel vault). Groin ceilings draw the eye up and toward the center of the room. We used these lovely and stately ceilings in the Dining Room of our Kimber Plan to elevate the space and we must say, these ceilings look quite splendid and kingly and keep the room from feeling claustrophobic. 

2. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings can make a space feel more open, light, airy, and spacious. Vaulted ceilings are a popular option for farmhouse designs but are great for anyone who is looking to add a tad of rustic charm to their space. 

In our Kimber Plan, we used vaulted ceilings in our Family Room and mirrored this aesthetic in the Outdoor Living area of this plan, allowing for cohesive decor throughout, and acting as an invitation for guests to stay and enjoy the patio. 

3. 10 ft Flat vs 14 ft Flat Ceilings

10 foot flat ceilings can make a room, study, or even a master bedroom suite feel cozy and welcoming. They invite relaxation and intimate conversations. 

We used both 10 foot flat ceilings and 14 foot flat ceilings in our Kimber Plan. We treated the foyer with 14 foot ceilings to make the area feel larger and more grand. The seamless ceiling type also looks clean and simple and can make an area feel brighter. 

4. Coffered Ceiling

We absolutely love the drama and flair that comes with coffered ceilings. It adds a touch of sophistication and taste to any space. We think they are brilliant here in our Infinity Plan and they are especially interesting when used in an open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen area. They can bring lovely continuity to these types of designs.

Other Ideas: 

There are several ceiling types to choose from when designing your dream home. Another one of our favorites are the unique Tray Ceilings with Wooden Beam Accents like those shown in our Taylor Plan. A Sloped Ceiling can also be an effective way to make a space feel larger. 

Let our expert designers help you select a ceiling type that’s right for your home. We can help you customize a design plan to fit your needs or ask us about building from your own plans!